Thursday, February 21, 2013

Google Glasses - The most amazing piece of technology?

Google Glasses
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Google has been planning many big things for 2013. For starters, the company recently announced it will open retail stores in order to compete with Apple retail stores. Also, week after week, shares of the company continue to make positive gains for its shareholders. One of the most interesting projects Google has been planning is just starting to see the day. That would be the Google Glasses. 

Google glasses have ben rumored and hyped about for quite sometime now. One of the first glimpses of Google glasses were at technology fashion shows. 
Another time the general public has seen the glasses are on one of the founders himself! Sergey Brin was spotted on a New York subway a few months ago while testing a prototype. 
Some of the features that were revealed in a released patent are as follows:

  • A few alternative displays for the viewer
  • The ability to use a video signal to display images
  • A scanning system that draws a raster into the retina of the viewer
Hopefully no one gets hurt with that!

My opinion: I feel that Google is trying to become a major competitor to Apple. They want to release something that hasn't been done before. This seems like the product to do it. If investors are correct in their forecasting, Google could be on the way to becoming quite a powerful company. 

Google already has a large sum of revenue, however, this is mostly from ad campaigns. Ever since the Google Maps fiasco with the Iphone 5, Google has been making noticeably bold statements about other tech giants, mostly Apple. He insinuated that Android was clearly beating Apple in the smartphone market. I wouldn't question that assumption, however, that is a debate for another day. 

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